Designed for Hospitality

FIT hardware to manage a large amount of data, PMS integration, AD & LDAP integration, Social Wi-Fi, keep your  network secure by separate guest, meeting and staff access.


  • Customized Login page with a selection of captive portal template.
  • Comprehensive report, with social media login, registration/membership.
  • Special offer / promotion page redirection.
  • True Plug & Play
  • Zero configuration on client device (No client configuration whatsoever on the client laptops / mobile phones needed.
  • All hardware items are fitted to specific hotel conditions and features are catered to hotel and public network requirements
  • After sales support includes active online consultation, 24×7 monitoring alert, guest helpdesk and call centre services.
  • Friendly interface, support for any custome request that fit with your company requirement.


  • Centralized RADIUS Server
  • PrePaid and PostPaid Voucher
  • Unlimited Service configuration. (Enables different price plans, Service bundling, in addition to discount and bonus options).
  • Web Based Administration, Viewing Reports and user support.
  • Customer Self-Signup Plans, Registration or Membership.
  • MAC address automatic authentication, if necessary.
  • Redirection to provider’s “Terms and Conditions” Page before access.
  • Selection of Choice Captive Portal Page for user access showing the providers logos and links.
  • Web Self Care module to enable users self account administration.
  • Logout keyword (user can type log.out/etc in the browser)
  • Configurable idle timeout (customers will be logged-out automatically if no response)
  • Free Access to Specified domains and websites.
  • Bypass device and Bandwidth Limitation based on user account or Mac address.
  • Automatic session timed out, after the prepaid account is completed.
  • Balance minutes updated at real time on clients
  • Compatible with most Subscriber Gateways, access controllers, RADIUS enabled Access Points
  • Live reports, statistics and analysis
  • Reports on Bandwidth, Data Transfer, etc and export in CSV format.
  • In-built DNS, DHCP server and firewall support.
  • WPA (Wireless Protected Access) support
  • Multiple Service Support (wired and wireless)
  • Grouping and billing based on Wirelless SSID
  • Friendly PMS Integration (Opera, Rhapsody, VHP, Powerpro, Pyxis, etc) – additional licenses my required
  • Combo service work smooth with our Guest Order System to expand you hotel information into digital guest services.